Miriam and Mark Wedding

Erica Kait Creative

Miriam + Mark

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm - Woodburn, OR

Wedding - July 2017

Miriam and Mark got to know each other while living abroad. When they first met both were convinced that the timing just wasn't right for them to be together and so they waited, not 100% sure if the other shared their feelings. To make their long story short, eventually, they realized how much they both wanted to be with the other and started dating. After their engagement, I Skyped Miriam while they were still overseas to talk about their vision for their wedding day. Miriam is my cousin so I've known her for as long as I can remember, but the first time I met Mark in-person was on the morning of their wedding. I was so blown away by how well their fun-loving personalities compliment each other and what a joy they were to be around as a couple.

I got to spend a huge chunk of their wedding day with them - literally sunrise to sundown. I remember asking if they were sure they wanted to do sunrise photos, even a 7 hour wedding day can feel long to a bride and groom, but they were committed and if they were tired at the end of the day they did a great job of faking it! These two were so ecstatic to tie the knot nothing was slowing them down! Their wedding day was full of big, goofy families, intimate moments, singing, bare toes, laughter, and so much love.