Heather and Dylan Wedding

Erica Kait Creative

Healther + Dylan

Green Villa Gardens - Independence, OR

Wedding - June 2017

I went to middle school and high school with Heather, but we lost touch during college. When we met up to talk about her upcoming wedding, we ended up chatting for hours. We caught each other up on the little details of life we had missed over the years. When I asked about how she met Dylan she told me one of the most adorable love stories I've ever heard!

I won't be able to do it justice, but the short version is they met in an airport. Dylan was traveling to Oregon for the first time on a fishing vacation. Heather had booked a spontaneous trip home to see her parents for a holiday. They ended up on the same flight and while they were waiting to board the plane they spotted each other. Dylan asked Heather to watch his bags while he grabbed a cup of coffee for their early morning flight. Afterward, they started talking and found it hard to stop.

They realized they lived only a few blocks from each other in Nebraska and had so much in common. They spent their holiday thinking about one another. So much so they ended up going on a date when they were back in Nebraska. They've been together ever since. Queue the swooning and heart eyes!