Emily and Carson Wedding

Erica Kait Creative

Emily + Carson

Summit Grove Lodge - La Center, WA

Wedding - July 2017

Emily, Carson, and their families are hands down some of the nicest people I have ever met. EVER. You walk into a room and they have nothing, but the kindest things to say. When people are that sweet to an almost perfect stranger on their wedding day, a day where (let's be honest) your emotions are running the entire gammot of highs and lows, I have to believe they are like that every other day too!

I say all this to illustrate how full of joy this wedding day was. Every toast made in Emily and Carson's honor focused on how these two wonderful humans have already affected those around them with their infectious good attitudes. I felt so honored to be there as a photographer in a beautifully forested area of Washington. Plus these two were not shy about making out in front of the camera which always makes my job easier (lol)! I wish these two so much happiness in their lives together!